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Backcare Supreme 2000 Mattress

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Installation (£39.99)
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Backcare Supreme 2000 Mattress

Comfort Rating: Firm

The Backcare Supreme 2000 mattress offers a firm comfort level, providing a very supportive sleeping surface with minimal give or sink. It distributes body weight evenly, making it ideal for front and back sleepers who prefer a firmer mattress.

Mattress Type: Pocket Springs

Featuring 2000 individually wrapped firm pocket springs, the Backcare Supreme 2000 mattress provides excellent support and reduces motion transfer. The independent movement of each spring offers balanced comfort and support.

Mattress Fabric: Damask

The top layer of the Backcare Supreme 2000 mattress is made from high-quality damask fabric. Known for its strength and durability, damask fabric is typically made from natural fibres such as cotton, silk, or wool, providing a luxurious and resilient sleeping surface.

Mattress Surface: Tufted

Featuring a tufted surface, the Backcare Supreme 2000 mattress has buttons or stitches sewn through its layers. This tufting process keeps the layers securely in place, preventing them from shifting or bunching over time.

Minimise Disturbance

The pocket spring system helps to reduce partner disturbance, making it a great option if you or your partner are light sleepers or have different sleep preferences.

For A Heavier Person

The Backcare Supreme 2000 mattress is suitable for heavier individuals, offering a durable and supportive sleeping surface. The firm support prevents sinking and maintains proper spinal alignment.


Air Vents: The mattress includes air vents that help it breathe, ensuring a fresh and comfortable sleep environment.

Handles: Handles are provided for easy rotating of the mattress, making it convenient to maintain and prolong its life.

Pocket Spring Count: 2000

With 2000 pocket springs, the Backcare Supreme 2000 offers superior support and comfort, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a firm mattress.

Mattress Depth: 27 cm

The Backcare Supreme 2000 mattress has a depth of 27 cm, providing ample support and comfort for a good night's sleep.

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